Thursday, February 28, 2019

Short Posts, 2/28/19. Or While Trump Clowns, What's Going On Behind The Curtain?

1.  Autocrats and would-be autocrats apparently require unusual haircuts.

 Picture from here.

2.  While Trump takes the front of the world stage by his clowning and keeps our eyes glued to him,  stuff happens behind the curtains.  Andrew Wheeler, a former coal lobbyist, is to head the Environmental Protection Agency.  His main goal is to roll back environmental regulations.  This is payback for the energy industry.

3.   Trump's antics also distract us from learning other important news.  For example:
...the Trump administration escalated its war on Planned Parenthood and the women who use it. It released a rule prohibiting Title X, a federal family-planning program that serves around four million low-income women, from funding organizations that also provide abortions. Further, the administration instituted an American version of the global gag rule, barring doctors and nurses receiving Title X funds from making abortion referrals to their patients except in certain emergency situations.
This is payback for the white evangelical patriarchs.

4.  Finally, Trump acting up distracts us from the Michael Cohen testimony. 

Cohen was one of Trump's lawyers and is widely regarded as having been his "fixer."  The testimony didn't include anything I hadn't already heard or read as rumors, but it's fascinating that Trump can so easily create a "hey, look at me clowning here" diversion from the attention it should have received.