Saturday, December 02, 2017

The Senate Tax Vote: A Farce in Both Competence And Democracy.

Tonight's Senate vote (51-49 for passing) on the tax plan is the most hilarious thing ever.  It is also one of the most cruel, heartless and greedy acts by the US Republican Party, ever.

Note, first, that the tax bill is almost 500 pages, and that it seems to be a first draft.  Note, second, that Democrats were not allowed to read what they were supposed to vote on.  That is perhaps not the best way to do the business of the American people, right?

But because the real goal of the tax plans is to benefit the rich Republican donors, the new oligarchy in this country, it doesn't matter that few people seem to have been able to read the enormous stack of papers:

The above tweets demonstrate sheer incompetence.

But the next two tweets demonstrate something far worse:

This is a sign of the growing concentration of power among the wealthiest Republican donors.  That people who are not elected to carry out the business of American people can slip their own wishes into the tax plan, just like that, is frightening.  The rest of us don't have that power, after all, and after the income inequalities in this country are further exacerbated, we will have even less power.  Even the power of complaining might be taken away from us with the death of net neutrality.

The hilarious part is, naturally, that both the House and Senate versions of the tax "reform" are extremely open giveaways to the rich, with a few freebies to the fundamentalists, too.  There's almost no attempt to pretend otherwise.  Thanks, Citizens United!

And thanks, all MAGA-hatted poorly informed voters (to put it kindly).  You, too, will be fucked unless you happen to own a few billion dollars, because you are not in the true Trumpian base.