Monday, May 22, 2017

Facebook: Moderating Violence

The UK Guardian writes about Facebook and moderation.  The article makes for interesting reading.  The following table gives examples about violent comments which are acceptable (the green check mark) and those which are not (the red x):

Put your thinking caps on and figure out why someone cannot say "stab and become the fear of the Zionists," but can say "kick a person with red hair."  Or why it's perfectly fine to teach someone how to kill "a bitch."

I understand why the advocating of violence against a named person is not allowed.  But the Zionists are a group of unnamed individuals, and so are people with red hair or fat people.  And women certainly are a demographic group.  Yet only the hate message to Zionists would cause it to be deleted.

Facebook:  Where millions of people exchange funny cat videos, cute baby pictures and advice on how to snap the neck of a bitch...