Thursday, April 27, 2017

Meet Rep. Robert Fisher, a New Hampshire Misogynist

1.  Did you know that I have a lackluster and boring personality and a sub-par intelligence? (1)

I didn't know that, either, until I was told so by Robert Fisher, a Republican state representative in New Hampshire who has now been outed as one of the creators of the woman-hating (and popular!) message board The Red Pill.

The Red Pill teaches men to be pickup artists by training them in the skills needed for the Hunting of The Reluctant Pussy and in how to deal with the woman the pussy is unfortunately attached to.  Usually she should treated like an enemy in a war or the way a predator would handle its prey (2).

These dating strategies are truly weird, sadistic, even, but in that alternative Red Pill reality they are necessary because of the terrible feminist-created oppression of pussy-hunters these days:

Feminists have destroyed all good things in life, including the respect for traditional masculinity and for the good old-time marriage arrangements where men could buy lifelong access to pussy (and to housekeeping services), sometimes for as little as bed and board for the hussy.

But what is a man to do now, huh?  Women are no longer desperate enough to marry men like Rep. Fisher just for a pittance, because feminism allowed them to have paid jobs. So the only remedy for Rep. Fisher is to make certain-sure that all women everywhere suffer.

And why should all those billions of women have to suffer?  Ah!  The reason is that Rep. Fisher had a very painful personal experience with a conniving slut, and the pain he felt just had to be turned into generalized misogyny, the hatred of all women everywhere. 
I learned all this via The Daily Beast which was able to establish that Rep. Fisher indeed is one of the founding fathers of the Red Pill.  Imagine that!  We have our very own now outed woman-hating politician.

And Rep. Fished does hate women.  Not only do we have sub-par brains and boring personalities, but when he was an eighteen-year old Immanuel Kant wannabe he couldn't find absolutely gorgeous and sexy girls of the same age who would also want to talk about free will and how time travel made it impossible and so on.

This made it clear to Rep. Fisher that women are intellectually inferior, poor things.

With the exception of his mother and his sisters, by the way.  But all other women are vacuous empty-headed wannabe gold-diggers, climbing up one hairy man-thigh after another, in search for the richest man possible.  Rep. Fisher's thighs were not the richest or perhaps even the hairiest, and thus his heart was broken.

He managed to cope with his pain by reading on evolutionary psychology of the most woman-hating kind (3).  That taught him that women are biologically wired to be hypergamous, always seeking a yet richer man (4).  Poor things, we women.  We cannot help our faulty wiring.  After all, we don't even know how to change a flat tire, let alone wiring, but must depend on men for help with that, though men, of course,  never need help with making sandwiches or meals or getting their laundry done or anything else whatsoever.

Rep. Fisher also tells us that modern women are totally free, unlike modern men, because men have to learn the consequences of their actions but women don't have to, given that pregnancy, for instance, has not been shown to be the consequence of having sex without contraception. 

That's what feminism has done to women:  Women take all the good bits and refuse to drop the pussy off the pedestal (2), which is very unfair for those waiting under the pedestal.  At least in the good old days women were oppressed in exchange for chivalry towards the pussy, but modern sluts want that chivalry without paying for it by subjugation.

Only men need to develop their skills and knowledge, according to Rep. Fisher, because women totally know that the optimal waist-to-hip ratio and nubile breasts are sufficient by themselves, and an empty head is the best setting for a nice hairdo.

It's all very sad, of course, but at least those men who agree with Rep. Fisher's intricate philosophical argument can find support at the Red Pill.

Perhaps they talk about the awful risks of false rape accusations (5), the possibility that any avid pussy-hunter with many successful hunts might one day wake up to being accused of some underhand moves, even though those are necessary in the War of the Sexes or the Hunting of the Reluctant Pussy and are never real rape but just the sluts' regrets about having been shown to be sluts.

And in any case, the dark cloud of rape has its golden lining:  The rapist probably had a good time (6).  Just like a sadistic murderer while dismembering his victim, I might add, if pleasure is somehow a sign of things not being that horrible.

But it's the fear of false rape accusations that keeps Rep. Fisher awake at night. The fear isn't strong enough to frighten him off pussy-hunting.  Still, he hates this feminist-governed world where almost any man can find his life ruined by some slut's say-so (7).

2.  The reason I began this post with false statements about my scintillating personality and about my extraordinary brightness, despite the fact that Rep. Fisher failed to mention me,  is to point out one of the very common logical flaws the misogynistic Manosphere uses:

False generalizations.  We are told that "women," as in the "class of all women" are a certain way: stupid, gold-digging, vacuous.  Because I belong to that class it then follows that I share the attributes Rep. Fisher insists on assigning to the group.

In Rep. Fisher's case one or a few women hurt him badly.  Therefore, all women are monsters.  Anecdotal (and unverifiable) evidence is turned into a statement about billions of people.  The arrogance of someone who copes with his own traumas like that!  I used therapy and lots of hard work, but then I'm an inferior creature.

False generalizations are the bread and butter of the misogynists, so I expected no better from Rep. Fisher.  But he also commits several other logical errors, including comparing his own "super-smart" eighteen-year old self to some fuzzy larger number of boring and lackluster young girls without telling us how he picked them.  If it was by their looks alone, well, those don't necessarily correlate with an avid interest in all things scientific.

That would create bias in his sample, but he makes things worse by committing what I call the Hitler vs. Mother Theresa error, though in reverse (it usually is in reverse), where one compares an individual from the top of one distribution to an individual from the bottom of another distribution and then treats the two individuals as if they were representative of their whole distributions.

That's how we get the argument that women are only interested in gossiping and other trivialities, whereas men stare thoughtfully into their beer mugs while contemplating the Big Bang Theory.

Rep. Fisher is also comfortable with picking his evidence on the basis of what he wishes to prove.  Thus, it's men throughout the history, on the Fisher Planet,  who held traditional marriages together and hardly ever strayed or abandoned their children or anything of that sort.  Granted, women had few rights and might have been unhappy, but at least they were barred from hypergamy.

The Manosphere in general loves to employ evidence of that kind, by ignoring all data that works against whatever they wish to prove, or in some cases by just ignoring all data, full stop.  That's one way to create an alternative reality where the Red Pill site now has almost 200,000 subscribers.

Finally, all the anecdotal evidence Rep. Fisher shares with us (or, rather with his fellow-misogynists) is unavoidably colored because we don't know how Rep. Fisher acts with women. 

If his misogyny has hung around for a while he may be extremely unpleasant to meet, and that would make pussy-hunting tougher, even for someone who regards himself an obvious alpha male, entitled to most pussies, and states that he has advertised himself as an alpha, but alas and alack, women didn't like that (8)!

O,  evolutionary psychology, what have you wrought here.  This poor politician has apparently gone around advertising his alpha male status to all those little gold-diggers who, based on his theory, should have been most eager to open their legs for him.

3.  What's going to happen to Rep. Robert Fisher of New Hampshire now?

Who knows.  Who even knows how many worse misogynist we might have straddling various high ladders of power in this Trump Reich?  And who can tell how common Rep. Fisher's declaration of war against women might be?  But Governor Sununu has asked for his resignation.

So far Rep. Fisher has refused.  He tells us that he will not leave his post but will continue working for men's rights.

So it goes.


(1) The reference to me is a stylistic one, to point out that when Rep. Fisher hates on "women," with the exception of his mother and his sisters, he then by definition hates on me.

(2) The Daily Beast:

The Red Pill borrows its name from a scene in “The Matrix” in which Morpheus offers Neo a choice between two realities: “You take the blue pill—the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill… and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.”
In manosphere-speak, the rabbit hole is feminism, which the red pill reveals to be a War on Men. In this reality, the “feminine imperative” reigns; masculinity is its victim. As a result of this power struggle, old gender dynamics formerly seen as mutually beneficial, such as marriage, have all but disappeared, but female expectations of a pedestalled life unfairly remain. A common refrain among men’s rights activists is “take the pussy off the pedestal.”
The Red Pill guides men as they become accustomed to this new “reality.” It advocates self-improvement: the importance of diet, exercise, and constant learning. But this community also subscribes to the beliefs that women lack both intelligence and substance, are programed to cheat on their partners, and expire after the age of 30. Its darkest sections are heavy with rape denial and apologia.

(3)  Here's one example of Rep. Fisher's use of evolutionary psychology:

Fisher was asked if he thought it was creepy for a 40-year-old man check-out a 15-year-old’s breast. He responded by saying:
“In my opinion, no. It’s evolutionarily advantageous and perfectly natural.”
(4)  There is no actual proof of any kind of wiring of that sort, of course, and evolutionary psychologists using the argument ignore the very real obstacles that historically made it almost impossible for women to gain resources through any other means but marriage.  Guild laws were against them, most institutions of higher learning didn't admit them, inheritance and other family laws discriminated against them.  No special wiring is needed, in my opinion, to explain why marrying upward would have been a common strategy for women to gain wealth.  What other options did they have, after all?

(5)   It is generally agreed that false rape accusations, including accusations which were not intended to be false, but were deemed to be so, are less than ten percent of all rapes that come to the attention of the police.  But also note that rapists are pretty unlikely to be sentenced to jail in the first place:

According to an analysis of Justice Department data by the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN), 46 out of 100 rapes are reported to police, nine are prosecuted, and three of those accused serve jail time.

(6)  The Daily Beast:

In 2008, writing under the username FredFredrickson, Fisher posited that the notion that “rape is bad” was not an absolute truth. He wrote, “I’m going to say it—Rape isn’t an absolute bad, because the rapist I think probably likes it a lot. I think he’d say it’s quite good, really.”

(7)  To inject a little bit of evidence from the other side, I draw your attention to the three articles below.  Before you click on any links you should know that the articles are gruesome and describe extreme types of violence. 

This long-form piece describes a case which at first glance looks like a false rape accusation, until the videos taken by a serial rapist prove that he raped the woman who was not believed.

This UK case is an extremely disturbing one, showing that many among the police also believe that women quite often make false claims about harassment or violence.

This case does not prove that a rape took place, but it seems extremely likely, given the other crimes the man described in it had committed.

The point of this footnote is to remind that real rape or real harassment interpreted as false claims can have truly devastating consequences which should not be ignored, either.

(8)  The Daily Beast:

Elsewhere, he wondered why listing his accomplishments on dates, including his status as a candidate and “high level exec,” was apparently a turnoff to women, despite it being characteristically alpha.