Sunday, March 05, 2017

In the Trump Reality the Sky Has Flying Unicorns. Their Poop is Polka-Dotted.

And they poop on us.  That's why our Dear Leader tweeted yesterday about the previous president, calling him "sick" or "bad," two adjectives in his sock drawer of twenty or so adjectives.  Don't be misdirected by all those expert opinions on how unlikely it is that Obama would have wiretapped the Trump Tower last October.  It's true, if our Dear Leader says that it is true, and all the rest is unicorn poop in this alternative reality.*

What a genius move from our Dear Leader!  When the truly ominous evidence is finally revealed about his Russian Connection, not a single Trump-voter will believe it!  Obama's fault, you know, all those fake facts.  Had we had Breitbart News during the Nixon era, nobody would ever have believed in Watergate.

More unicorn poop:  The US State Department has a tradition of publishing its annual human rights report with lots of fanfare.  Previous secretaries of state have been present at the occasion, but the current secretary of state-cum-Exxon, Rex Tillerson, didn't turn up for the 2017 presentation.  He didn't even send anyone at all.

Human rights organizations are worried that Tillerson's behavior is a signal:  The new US will pee on that horrible politically correct concept of human rights.

Alternatively, Tillerson might not even know about the occasion, given that Bannon has his hairy hands around the neck of the State Department, which is very close to death altogether.  The rumor is that Trump's son-in-law will take care of any future diplomacy that might be necessary.  Bannon prefers the concept of an apocalyptic war (which he will watch from a distance) as a form of muscular foreign diplomacy (remember that Miller crowed about the alpha males being back in power?).**

Finally, the repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is chock full of unicorn poop:  Everyone will get perfect insurance coverage for pretty much no money!  Quality of health care will be higher!

But the possible replacements the Republicans let us peek at have several serious problems:*** 

- Health Savings Accounts are promoted.  For them to make sense, the individual must be able to save for the costs of treatment beforehand, and the tax subsidies they include are regressive.  That means the wealthier earners get bigger savings!

- The contents of the insurance packages are not specified properly.  Imagine a random family being offered two insurance packages with different price tags.  How can the family decide between them if they don't cover the same services?
We can't even tell which actually IS cheaper under those conditions.

- And any return to pre-ACA times will also return us to the situation where millions of individuals will have no health insurance.

I wonder what will rain down on us in the future.  Maybe we will be told that the unicorn poop isn't unicorn poop at all, but a very nutritious snack.  Like manna from heaven. 

*  Can you tell me what point there might be in trying to write a fact-based blog, my sweet and erudite readers?  This is the post-factual reality, where the emotions of anger, lust and rage rule. But then I can do emotional posts, too. (Weeps bitter tears, kicks in the garage door, once again, and tears off half the scales.)

**  This paragraph is an example of my new style of not linking to any evidence.  Actually, you can find the evidence in my previous posts, because my conscience still fights the idea of just letting fly with whatever opinions I happen to have, even though that's how it now goes.

Also, don't look into Miller's empty eyes.  You could fall in and never find your way back to humanity.

***  These three are just a sampling.  There are other problems, many described here. 

And Republicans insist on using the inherently wrong assumption that price competition in health care would work.  It cannot work, because quality of care is not directly comparable or measurable, with the exception of fairly routine services provided as preventive care or dental checkups etc.  Also, the supply side is not atomic, there are barriers to entry and monopoly power among the suppliers.