Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Logic According to the Trump Campaign

Roger Stone does this hilarious shtick about Hillary Clinton being too old to run for president, about how she has no agenda at all, about her vindictiveness and so on.

It's good for a laugh, because all those things he mentions apply more to Trump than to Clinton:  He is older, he is tremendously vindictive and he has no realistic agenda of any kind.  Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, has reams and reams of stuff on her policy proposals.

But watching that short video clip is a learning experience.  There are many folks in this country who watch crap like that day in and day out.  No wonder they live in an alternate reality.


Added later:  Of course what "too old" means for women and men in the mind of someone like Roger Stone is not the same thing.  Women need to be nubile to be seen, though not still heard.  Men just need to still breathe to be an acceptable age for presidency.