Friday, September 26, 2014

The Answer to the Universe And Everything: Blackcurrant Juice

Is not 42.  It's blackcurrant juice.  Well, blackcurrant juice is as good an answer as any I can think of.  It also happens to be what I'm drinking right now.

That paragraph is offered as a humble parable of some of what's going on in our public conversations.

Take the Emma Watson post I wrote below.  I kept it back for a few days, I used multiple respectable sources and so on.  But then we learn that the site itself is a hoax site, except that it's a hoax site in a deeper sense than wanting to, say, cause havoc among the 4Chan lot.  It's a hoax about a hoax about a hoax?  And I'm not at all sure who it is intended to hurt or if that even matters.  It's so meta that there's nowhere further out to go, no way to wrap everything into an even larger cloak of opinions, emotions, static and clickbaits, no way to dance even faster on that narrow fence between reality and something with pink clowns and frilly monsters.

Now that I got that off my chest let's see if I can write anything real.