Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My Annual Begging Week Starts

Time to pay the piper.  That would be me.  I need a new computer and it needs to be ergonomic and have an enormous screen.  So I hope all my imaginary readers will pay for it!  And cover my chocolate budget and the migraine medications I need after writing posts such as the one right below.  And all the fees I've paid to get hold of studies which I then tear apart here.

I'm not asking you to pay for my labor though that would be utterly wonderful and also just, given that my hourly wage rate on this blog is about one cent right now.

If you have no money, don't worry.  You can always send me some later when your ship comes home.

Instructions on how to finance this blog with PayPal are in the left column.  Lump-sum payments turn out to work better than a monthly subscription, though either is perfectly fine with me.

Whether you can contribute or not, thanks for your custom, for your wisdom and for your kindness.