Monday, December 16, 2013

The Weird Research Glut. What I have Covered in The Last Month.

I deserve a break.  In the last month I have written on the bitchy women stuff (which has already seeped into all the comments threads everywhere, while my posts on it have no impact), the Girl Brainz and Boy Brainz stuff, how medical research assumes that procreation is only about women, how sexual regret differs by sex because of evolution.  

And I still have this piece waiting, all about how a great evolutionary adaptation for women is to present themselves as sexually exploitable, to appeal to those men who have evolutionary adaptations for exploiting such women.  Just a liiittle bit like explaining rape as a shared adventure.

And now Ross Douthat has dug up one particular piece of research and pontificates on what it tells us.  The sad thing (VERY sad thing) about me is that I then had to go backwards and backwards in the links to the original study.  And then I had to read it!   Now I have gastritis.  It's like battle wounds from all the stress and it is crap.  So send money or chocolate (which I can't eat right now).

I also have a plan of a wonderful "look-back-in-time" piece about one famous popularizer of research who has for at least ten years picked out all the research which shows how terrible women are.  I made files of all those pieces!  That was a lot of work, and intended to be presented here so that your holidays would be less joyous but more clear-sighted.

Of course I don't have to write about any of that.  It's all internalized bullshit and that stern librarian I have residing in my brain, the one with pinched lips and hair in a bun, the one who climbs up and down library ladders all day long and brings me stuff to cover, with stern advice about how I'm avoiding my duty if I watch "Miss Miller Investigates."

And neither do I have to complain about this to you.  But what's a personal blog for?

Sigh.  I will try to write more about our dear Russ and his concern for daughters everywhere and the evolutionary psychology study which lit his fire.