Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Threat of "Obamacare:" Large Uncle Sam Puppet Will Look Up Your Ladybits

This is worth reading.

The conservatives are trying to make young women opt out of "Obamacare" because Uncle Sam will look up your vagina!   

I was giggling when I read that post.   Let me count the reasons why:

First, as Matt points out, it is preposterous to suggest that having no insurance is better than having insurance with a large puppet looking up your ladybits.

Second, there won't be a large puppet in the examination room.  I swear!

Third, this is absolutely hilarious, given that conservatives reallyreally want to insert probes (transvaginal ultrasound) in women's vaginas as a precondition for getting an abortion, and those probes are not medically required.   Women are not supposed to mind that but they *are* supposed to mind a large puppet ogling their birth canals.

Fourth, I think whoever designed this campaign has never been to a gynecologist!  The average woman (well, I, at least) has faced much more unpleasant crap in those examination rooms than large puppets getting an eyeful.

Which brings me to this:

Chris Moody at Yahoo reports on one of the groups leading the boycott charge, Generation Opportuniy, an organization funded by the legendarily youthful Charles and David Koch who have nothing but the best interests of younger Americans at heart.

The Koch brothers, again.