Wednesday, September 04, 2013

The Blogger's Rush Hour, Nokia and Rubber Boots

There are times (like right now) when I have too many topics to write about, topics which I want to write about, topics which deserve to be written about, topics which are just too goofy not to write about and so on. 

What happens then is  what happens in the rush hour traffic.  No topic gets through the intersections in my brain, except by crawling and horn-tooting.

Interesting, innit?  Probably not, but I'm a bit like Buridan's ass today.

On most other days I keep asking myself if it's even useful to write anything.  Sigh and alas and woe is me and my sermons are given in an empty temple, and in any case I'm worse than a thousand Hitlers.

In other news, this is a joke about the Nokia-Microsoft trade:

Nokia used to make rubber boots.  Perhaps they still do.  They also used to make snot rags (tissues for the nose).