Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Silly Stuff

Good book names:

Caressing the Hedgehog.  This would be a good name for a book about trying to be a social helper.

My Life As An Old Man.  I want to write that one, just because.

The Makers And The Takers.  This right-wing slogan can be turned around niftily.  For instance, who makes those delicious gourmet dinners at high-faluting restaurants and who eats them?  Or those yachts.  Who makes them and who sails them.   Who cleans those toilet and who uses them? 

That one could give us a whole library of books.

Ready, Steady, Fire!  The circular firing squads in politics.  Lots of short-term fun, lots of long-term suffering, those are.  But the friendly fire is a lot less frightening, for the perpetrators.