Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Meet E.W.Jackson, the Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia

The Republican  nominee for lieutenant governor of Virginia (Virginia is for lovers, according to tourism promoters), E. W. Jackson, has pretty unusual ideas.  He has written that birth defects are caused by sin.  Whether that is just general free-floating sin of all humans or specific sins of the parents of the child isn't clear to me.

E.W. Jackson has also stated that Planned Parenthood is more lethal to blacks than the KKK ever was.  That's the idea of abortions as intended racial genocide.  But E.W. Jackson must have forgotten about all those pap smears and breast examinations that Planned Parenthood also provides.

And in 2012 the nominee for lieutenant governor in the loving state of Virginia expressed his intense dislike of gays and lesbians, calling them bad names.  He has continued telling us what is wrong with gays and lesbians as well as many other types of Americans.

Mr. Jackson is clearly running as a very fundamentalist preacher.  Whether that's what the state of Virginia really wants remains to be seen.