Friday, May 31, 2013

More on the Demonization of Employed Mothers at Fox

This gets quite interesting, because at least one woman at Fox is not happy with the very muddled thinking and arguments of the Famous Four:

Megan Kelly took Erickson on, asking what makes him dominant and her submissive, and Erickson happily bared his confused and muddled and ignorant thoughts about science.  I do love that kind of obliviousness!

But I realized yesterday (fencing with lots of MRMs) that what I truly hate is muddled thinking and lazy sourcing and the reversal of the usual cause-and-effect chain by starting with the conclusions and then by picking and choosing any crappy evidence that might support it. 

I'm not proud of that, because the ranking of my moral values makes me look bad.  Still, if someone is going to demand that his muddled thinking is enough to prove my eternally submissive and contemptible place in life for which I should be grateful, well, hating that muddled thinking might be the right reaction.

This links to the Fox Four because they regard the question of women's proper place (in the kitchen) so obvious that they have the luxury of not checking any of their supposed arguments for it.  The contempt that reveals might also be why I get angry.