Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What Should Be Written

Articles that should be written and researched:

1.  What actually happened to the culprits in the aftermath of the financial and housing markets collapses.  Which culprits were punished and how?  How many scapegoats were sacrificed?  Is the power now removed from those who caused the collapses?  What corrective mechanisms have been put in place to prevent similar collapses in the near future?  Who rules the stock markets?

Writing this should begin with the promises made, by the way.  I believe that the major culprits got no punishment and are still holding the reins.

2.  An easier but similar article:  What was the reaction to the need for gun control after the Newtown massacre?  And where are we now, in terms of that reaction?  Is anything going to change, except for more armed people milling around in elementary schools?  How does real power operate in this area?

There are researchers and writers who have done work on these topics, but I yearn for a very wide-angle take of the processes, the way power actually sticks exactly where it was originally, while the powers that be wait for the public memory to evaporate.