Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What To Read And Why Echidne Is Tired

If I could go back to the beginning of my blogging life I would make a few changes.  For one, I'd make different blogs for different topics.  For another, I'd probably call myself Average Bob or something similar on one of those blogs and Lettuce Prey on another.  I could have carried out amateur studies of the impact of one's handle!

Alas, even goddesses cannot go backwards.  But I wish I hadn't started to write about everything under the sun or at least far too many areas.  When I debate stuff with people it's like fighting enemies on all fronts, ultimately.  Very very exhausting.  I should have stuck to the areas in which I have decades of study.  But of course that is boring.

Here are some interesting things for you to read.  Some of them require no extra writing, others I'm too tired to write about, and the first link most of you can't read at all so you must just trust me!

Sweden's stock-market-quoted companies have more men named Johan than all women, whatever their names,  in their leadership. (Link is to a yellow Finnish rag paper so take with a ladle of salt without checking).

What is happening in Egypt, as seen through the eyes of one Tom Friedman and the fact that the bellydancing channel there has been closed.

On the age-old question:  Are women responsible for how men react to their clothing?

Interesting ideas on how languages might affect our thinking.  I have lots more ideas about that based on my bilingual life.

A fascinating story about found photographs and the unknown taker of them:  A 1950s nanny.