Monday, January 28, 2013

Fun Reads For Today

The story about a dolphin communicating with beached whales which then followed her easily to freedom.   Assuming it is a true story, it makes me dig up my old idea that dolphins and whales might communicate through ESP!

This cartoon about the dangers of studying economics.  It might only be funny to another economist, however.  But economics, in general, makes little sense to anyone outside the cult.

And Chapter No 345618 on whether women can perform in combat.  This one has to do with carrying wounded soldiers off the field.  It also has to do with the fact that women have a lower center of balance, on average, than men, which makes the differences in carrying strength much smaller than one might expect.

Finally, these color photographs of early Paris (1909-1930) are fascinating.  I realized how much the black-and-white nature of old photographs had tinted my ideas about what the world looked like then.  Harder to explain than for you to experience by seeing some actual color snaps.