Saturday, January 12, 2013

And Even More Gun News

These news seem to have turned into a series, all about the problems with a gun nation.  It's not a polite nation and it's not a safe nation.

Here are today's installments:

First, the angry gun-lover I mentioned in an earlier post (part 2)  had his handgun carry permit suspended by the state of Tennessee.   That was because he threatened to start killing people with his gun.

Second, a home invasion with guns resulted in more guns stolen from the family living in that home.  Being armed didn't work as defense in that case.

Third, young men get shot in Chicago and in San Francisco,  Sometimes these are drive-by-shootings,  without any reason at all but made possible by a weapon which can hurl out bullets from a distance.  Sometimes the victims are children as in this Boston case.

Just following the news about shootings tells me how blind I have been to them in the past.  Perhaps how blind we, as a country, have been to them when they are not mass massacres.