Friday, December 28, 2012

End-Of-The-Year Burnout

Well, not quite.  I spent the whole night working on my book.  Mostly because I'm very weird.  Now I have to somehow stay awake through the whole long and horribly bright and incredibly noisy day.  eeek!  Get me some toothpicks for my eyelids, stat.

But the danger of a burnout is very real in blogging.  It's a bit like doing the dishes.  You do them and then you do them again and then you do them again.  And all that matters is how clean they turned out in the last wash.  None of the earlier efforts count any longer. 

Blogging is also a bit like shouting into a barrel.  Does anyone live in it?  Does anyone listen?  Or am I talking to myselves?


On the other hand, blogging is like the little girl in that poem:  When it's good it's very very good and when it's bad it's horrid.  It's also addictive and probably very deleterious to one's health.  As are all fun things in life, with the exception of chocolate which cures most anything.

This post is in lieue of those long lists concerning Important Events Of The Past Year.  I never know which events are important until much, much later.  Besides, your list is as good as mine so why should I bother writing one?

And the reason I didn't write anything whatsoever about the Fiscal Cliff is that I'm damned fed-up with the kabuki theater and the n-dimensional chess games and the whining and the moaning and the kind of bargaining where the buyer (Obama) receives an initial price offer of $10 and after careful and skillful bargaining walks away with whatever he has purchased (from the wingnuts) boasting about the good price he got which was the price of his house.  Please never let him bargain again!

OK.  The real reason I haven't written about the Fiscal Cliff is that I haven't had a single free minute to study any part of it.  But the other excuse sounds stronger and more opinionated so it will sell better.

Time to stop complaining and to write something nice.  I still like you, my imaginary readers, and I'm very pleased with your company.  Also, I got chocolate truffles from Santa Claus (who doesn't believe in my existence), and they were delicious.

My chest of drawers also pleases me.  It's very old and when I pull socks out of it in the morning I don't feel worthy of it.  That chest of drawers has seen more events than any of us!  It has staying power!  It has a beautiful patina!  And the bottom drawer can be closed if you sit on the floor, stretch your legs out to stick them under the chest and then push with your hands and lift with your feet at the same time.  Good exercise in the mornings, too!  He is called Wilbert, that chest of drawers.

Here's a nice cat, too, possibly suffering from end-of-the-year burnout: