Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Rights of Aquariums. On the Uterus Wars.

An interesting editorial from the New York Times summarizes some of the ongoing war to limit the reproductive rights of women. Or of aquariums for zygotes and embryos. It is scary to read about the different initiatives in one place. Abortion is in practice already illegal for many low-income women in this country.

I have decided to use the term "aquarium" in these kinds of contexts, because it fits very well with the mindset of the forced births contingency. It also goes well with the "care and maintenance of the uterus" as the still-too-common understanding of the totality of women's health care needs.

But I'm not quite sure what to make of this funding plea from Planned Parenthood:
Within the last 24 hours, Planned Parenthood has learned that anti-choice activists are circulating a petition to put a constitutional amendment to BAN ALL ABORTIONS in Ohio on the 2012 general ballot. 

The proposed constitutional amendment would define every fertilized egg as a whole person, with all legal rights and constitutional protections.  The practical effect of this amendment would be to BAN ALL ABORTIONS and HORMONAL BIRTH CONTROL.  There will be no exceptions even for rape or incest victims, or when the life of the woman is at risk.
The "not-quite-sure" part means that a petition circulating does not mean that a petition will be created, and if it is created, it doesn't have to become a constitutional amendment. Indeed, it most likely will fail.

At the same time, the extreme branch of forced birthers do regard hormonal birth control as an abortifacient and do want it banned, and it is salutary to be reminded of that fact.