Monday, August 22, 2011

A Re-Post: The UK Daily Male Hates Women and Uppity Feminists

This post is worth reading again, because it shows the thriving sexism in a Western newspaper with a large circulation. Many forces push us towards pretending that these types of articles are not routinely published. But they are.

The UK Daily Mail is a treasure trove of the 1950s values about gender! It has a section called Femail where women lecture other women about how bad feminism is for them and the Men's Rights Activists chime in with pertinent commentary. On the 18th of January an article was headlined:

The high fliers with the ultimate status symbol - wives they can afford to keep at home. So whatever happened to feminism?

And on the 20th of January an article there states:
Women who want to succeed at work should resist the temptation to act like men, scientists said yesterday.

Their studies show that women who take an aggressive approach are often less likely to get ahead than those who exhibit more feminine traits.

If however, they try to conform, promotion comes their way.

The findings, which will dismay feminists, suggest the best way for a woman to succeed in a man’s world is to act like a lady.
The picture attached to this story speaks more than a thousand words:

Fun, eh? If you search for "feminism" on the Daily Mail site you will find that Femail has in the past posted articles such as these:

Feminism was going to liberate both sexes, but instead it destroyed a generation of men
How feminism destroyed real men
Has feminism killed the art of home cooking?
Why I loathe feminism... and believe it will ultimately destroy the family
Feminism has turned men into second-class citizens, but have women's victories come at a price?
You've got what you want, girls, stop whining: Has feminism made women unhappy? (well THIS certainly will)
'Quit work to help your husband', says a controversial new book that has infuriated feminists

And so on and so on, for 407 references. And I didn't even try "feminist"!

Now, who is it who owns the Daily Mail?