Sunday, August 14, 2011

How dare those arrogant women! (by Suzie)

Last Monday, I quoted from the NYT on the women turning "Porgy and Bess" into a musical that they hope will go to Broadway. They want to modernize the opera, including fleshing out the character of Bess. Since then, Stephen Sondheim has
reacted vehemently to the "arrogance" of the women who dared to make changes in this classic. He called the director condescending in a letter dripping with condescension. Most comments supported his view.

If you think it might be interesting for women to make Bess more than a "plot device," as Audra McDonald puts it, or to have African Americans rework a story about African Americans, originally written by white men, then tell others about this embattled show.

My thanks to Hellianne.