Tuesday, June 14, 2011

On The CNN Debate: The Republican Presidential Field

Where the Republican candidates for presidency stood in a row and answered questions from the audience in New Hampshire. I watched it and I was enlightened. Never thought before that they say all the worst things loud but they do!

Thus, we learned that we are too poor to care for the elderly in this country but that we absolutely definitely MUST stop taxing corporations and MUST stop regulating them. Santorum, for instance, wants capital gains taxes to be slashed by half. I don't know what his Jesus would say about that.

Here's the feminist question about the debate (I don't even bother with discussing how all the candidates view women as aquaria for zygotes or to point out that the diversity consists of the usual one-woman-one-minority type):

How many women asked questions in that debate from the floor or from elsewhere? I can recall one, I think, but there may have been more. Still, the questions were mostly from men.

On the horse-race aspect of the debate: Romney won, of course. Some argue that Bachmann won the fundie base.