Thursday, March 10, 2011

What The Republicans Want: To Kill The Unions

There are two reasons for that. First, those who fund them want to get rid of the unions because corporate labor is cheaper in non-unionized areas of the industries. Second, killing the unions stops the major funding channel for Democratic politicians running for office. As Rachel Maddow often tells us on her show, out of the ten largest political donors, seven only give to the Republican Party. The other three are unions, and those give to the Democratic Party.

It's important to understand that Republicans have more wealthy donors, Democrats have fewer. That is the very basic nature of the beast, because one party works for big money more than the other party. And this is why the unions are important as a channel of political money

If the power of unions is reduced enough, they will be unable to give to the Democrats. Because of the Republican Supreme Court and its decision in the case of the Citizens United, this would mean a political landscape where most money has a Republican face and where most political advertising will carry Republican messages.

Not exactly a fair and equal political marketplace, eh?

I believe all this would be a terrible outcome, even for the extreme Republicans. A one-party country will look like the old Soviet Union or the old Iraq. Unless one truly loves feudalism and banana republics, that is not the way to go.

Nevertheless, we ARE going that way, and the current move in the process is to kill the unions in those places where they still exist. Examples:

Wisconsin. Michigan, Idaho, Ohio, Indiana and Iowa. And the whole country.