Monday, March 21, 2011

Helping women in Japan (by Suzie)

When the earthquake and tsunami first struck, I wrote about how women may have different needs in disasters. Because I didn't know where to donate, I asked Madre, a nonprofit I trust. Media coordinator Stephanie Küng recommended Circle of Health International, which is helping the Japanese Organization for International Cooperation in Family Planning. COHI says:
JOICFP is working with the Japanese Midwives Association to provide direct care for Maternal and Infant care. They are on the ground, know the situation, have experience in crisis settings, and will focus on making sure women and their families have access to maternal and newborn care and that issues around gender-based violence, something that often sky-rockets in times of crisis, remain an important component of relief efforts. COHI and its volunteers will be called upon by these organizations, as they deem needed. For now, the best way we can help is by providing these organizations with the funds needed to work within Japan.
You can donate through COHI or the International Planned Parenthood Federation. JOICFP gives more specifics:
We plan to distribute relief supplies, such as diapers, sanitary napkins, and relief clothing for women and newborns to meet their daily needs. We will also support healthcare activities, such as providing healthcare services for mothers and newborns, and psychological care for women who are suffering from severe stress after this disaster.
If you know of any other nonprofits helping women specifically, please leave the information in the comments.