Thursday, December 09, 2010

A Minute With: Angelina Jolie, femme fatale and busy Mom

That's the headline of a Reuter's piece about Angelina Jolie's new movie. I spotted it on the front-page when looking for something else, and my feminazi brain immediately reversed it to something like:

A Minute With: Johnny Depp, a studmuffin and busy Dad

(I picked Depp's name only because he is mentioned in the story and not because he might be those things or not.)

Then I asked myself if we could see such a headline, a headline where a man is summarized by his sexual and parental characteristics when in fact he is a professional actor. And I think (I really think!) that perhaps, just perhaps, it could happen! At least the dad bit.

Not often but it's just about conceivable. So is this progress?

Or am I totally wrong here?
The point of the post is naturally to point out that Angelina Jolie is an actor, and that's why she is written about. But she is written about as if she isn't an actor, really. It may well be that she markets those other characteristics but that doesn't really explain why the market likes that.