Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Don't Force Me To Look At Your Junk

This video was posted at Hollaback and I got it through Jezebel*:

My comments:

1. The bystanders seem to be busy taking videos and pictures but not actually helping her (I'm assuming that the man accused of waving his penis around in fact did so).

2. Reacting strongly to sexual harassment could be a great solution. It could also get you into much deeper trouble, and it's important to understand why many women don't react, at least in an assertive manner. I wish we could keep the limelight on the culprits and not those who get harassed. It is the former who should change their behavior.

3. I've had strangers wave their penises at me six or seven times, that I know of. How about you? It is not the worst kind of sexual harassment but one does feel used and without a permission

*I've been vacillating over posting it because I'm not sure if the woman in it has given her permission for its use. On the other hand, she comes across as a hero and what she does is worth talking about and my not posting it doesn't take it off the net. Weak, I know.