Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday flower + blogging (by Suzie)

You got the Ginger fauna earlier; here's the ginger flora. Before I began blogging, Echidne offered up Friday critter blogging as a respite. When I started on Fridays, I wanted to maintain this tradition, but I didn't always have a critter. So, I've had photos of sunsets, birds, butterflies, gardens and flowers -- everything you'd expect on a serious and intellectual radical-feminist blog.

My Friday flowers make me think of NYCweboy's Friday Floraludes, which are better than mine, or at least, more arty.

Hillary Clinton's race for the presidency brought me to blogging. Although I don't read as much as I did then, I still enjoy the bloggers who supported her in the primary, such as NYCweboy. I found the Lurking Canary blog just after she stopped posting. I'm not surprised that the Apostate's blog is now protected. I miss regular posts from Anglachel, but I'm happy to see Octogalore return.

What blogs do you miss?