Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Not Today, Dear. I Have A Headache.

I had a migraine, in fact, and that's the reason you have been waiting and waiting and waiting... For a post! Well, in my dreams.

But then I wanted to use that title for this explanatory post which is not needed. And that right away made my inner questioner point out that I always write about the lint in the flea's belly button when there are Important Matters to cover and why do I do that? Am I so intent on self-destruction? (It's a dramatic gal, that questioner.)

So you get my answer to the questioner. Which is first some rudeness telling her to do an impossible sexual act. Then I tell her that the headline of this post matters greatly because a) women must have an excuse for not wanting sex and it must be something like already existing pain, and b) I don't think that alibi can be used by men. So it goes directly into the heart of our gender roles. Before I walk out of that inner brain room (slamming the door, natch), I also tell her that what I find interesting IS the lint in the flea's belly button.

Just think about it: There must be billions of fleas with billions of belly buttons and they are all full of lint. So these are weighty matters. That fleas don't have belly buttons is neither here nor there. It's the values that matter, the inner knowledge that I was put down on this earth by a divine power who wants me to write about the lint.

And yes, this is an after-effect of a migraine with me. I feel drunk.