Thursday, April 01, 2010

We All Do It!

That seems to be the message on violent threats and politics:

Well, given that Thomas Jefferson was called the Antichrist by members of the Federalist Party, the pitched emotions at a major political crossroads perhaps aren't so surprising – nor are threats against lawmakers.

Instead, this moment is a part of what the American political process is, say some political analysts: Every major shift in policy or political direction is a revolution in miniature, with both sides retreating toward the radical to rhetorically demonize the other.

The Republicans ratchet up the anger over the country's changing direction. The Democrats play to fears by painting large swaths of Americans as radicals, racists, and rabble-rousers.

False equivalence. It ignores the fact that the Republicans also paint large swaths of Americans as radicals, communists and rabble-rousers and THEN threaten violence.

Remember this?

The article I quote is sloppy research at best and at worst an attempt to make the threats of violence and actual acts of violence look like "politics as usual." I suspect the latter because of this bit:

The incidents – and the accusations and counter-accusations that followed – are parts of a recurring cycle, says Mr. Geer.

Move on! Nothing to see here.