Sunday, December 06, 2009

Weekly Poetry Slam Thread

Listening to Galli-Curci on Prima Voce

A Christmas Season CD Review by Anthony McCarthy

Prima Voce, you’d decided to try this week.
Yes, it’s true, as close to perfection as is possible,
even in these musical silhouettes that’s clear as the sound of her high range
Perfect sound at the service of superior intelligence.
You had heard the story of her irking Caruso
Impromptu reading of the score at the piano,
when the practice pianist couldn’t come in.
His pride hurt by this tiny woman turning out,
to be a lion of a musician.

The clarity of the coloratura evident,
no one, not even Sutherland or Sills
sang it as well.
Que la voce sua soave,
Will Bellini ever sound as right after this?
Not even Tetrazinni (you’ve got a disc of her too) matches it.
Astonishing flexibility mixed with accuracy.
Little pitch fudging, amazing for no takes.
The wind band accompaniment,
you get used to that.

Prima Voce is unconventional, to say the least,
the results are a justification of their method.
The genius of using a giant acoustic horn in a concert hall setting
Wonderful results for such a simple idea.
Am looking forward to the Eames-Plancon disc, reaching even farther back.
Something to do in the coming year.