Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Today's Teh Stupid

It's this article, all about the predatory older women looking for a younger guy to bed or perhaps even to marry. Now "older" can mean almost anything:

I thought the same on a recent night here in New York, when my wife showed me a "funny" text one of her girlfriends sent her inquiring what she was up to—we were in a car, heading home—and sniggering that she herself was "out on the prowl." I immediately thought of the widely held view that single women are keen to get their paws on a hunk of man to hunker down with for the winter months. I looked out the car window—it was raining. A cold, insinuating rain. The conditions were perfect for a cheetah to a strike.

The cheetah is most often a just-one-of-the-guys girl. That's her cover. In nature, a cheetah will lurk in the high grass and use her spots as camouflage.

I called up an accomplished and self-described cougar named Angela, who works in TV production, to see if I was out on a wild limb. "Well, she's not a puma," Angela told me. A puma, Angela further explained, is a woman in her late 20s to early 30s who preys on "the babies—guys who are like 21." Angela said she wants to write a sex memoir, with any luck before she enters the saber-toothed stage.

She noted that her friend K.C. was a cheetah. Recently out of a relationship, K.C. has discovered that getting a man was no longer as easy as it once was. "It seems like whenever she can, she winds up going home with the drunkest guy in the bar," said Angela. "Of course, in the back of her mind she's hoping that her pussy's still good enough to keep him."

That language probably gets my blog banned in even more places of work, sigh.

Let's recap: You have cougars, you have pumas and now you have cheetahs. All of those are actually human females, some as old as 29! What do we call those women who are the hunted rather than the hunters?

Tethered goats?

The whole piece sounds like it was written to be as misogynist as possible (probably so that innocent goddesses would write about it), and without any other evidence than the usual "my pals tell me". Still, the sexist ageism of the whole piece is truly astonishing.