Monday, December 21, 2009

More On Commenting

I'm not too happy with Echo right now. It doesn't have a master page for following all comments and most of the frills it offers I do NOT want. I want simplicity, and I want the person's comment to be the major focus rather than all the other stuff. I also want to keep the conversation here, not have it spread into the "social space" whatever fuck that is.

Pardon the language. But after spending time searching for a commenting system I find that they are all marketed with the very features that I detest. What's so undesirable about a simple column of intelligent comments, with names/handles and links to homepages provided discreetly? That's what we had. If I talk to people here I don't want to find my comments in all sorts of other places. That could be my Northern blood, of course.

I don't have time to attend to this now, so I'm stuck with Echo for a week at least. If you have any good ideas please let me know.