Monday, September 07, 2009

Should You Wish To Labor Today...

Which is a joke about the fact that today the United States has a public holiday called Labor Day (not in honor of birthing women, by the way), and not a great one. But if you don't want to enjoy the beach or the barbeques or whatever rings your bells, you might read Paul Krugman on "How Did Economists Get It So Wrong?"

Then tell me what he says, because I have been too lazy to read it all. See what powers we bloggers have? Though I did read enough of the first part (confusing beauty and truth) to strongly agree with Krugman. When I was but a little sprout of a goddess and studied economics it seemed totally obvious to me that models were one thing and reality another, and that though the two do relate they are not the same thing, and if the model fails to explain reality then it's the model that has to be changed, not reality.

Imagine my surprise when I found many fellow students not making that distinction at all. Very odd.

If you don't want to labor over economics, you might prefer getting all angry about this article: "Women's Role In Sex Crimes Resurfaces As Issue." It's not the article itself that made me angry but that inane headline. What is the most common role women have in sex crimes, after all????? To discuss women who commit such crimes, usually together with men, as the sum total of women's roles in sex crimes is stupid.