Tuesday, July 07, 2009

On Wedding Dreams and Hunting Trips

The Feminist Majority Foundation news site tells us that:

7/7/2009 - School officials in Lawrence County, Alabama, have agreed to end single-sex classes. The school district reached a settlement after being notified by the American Civil Liberties Union that its sex segregated programs were illegal.

The ACLU and ACLU of Alabama learned of sex-segregation after sending an Open Records Act (ORA) request to the school board in December 2008. The response to this request showed that not only were the students assigned to single-sex classes, but the teachers were encouraged to teach boys and girls differently.

B-b-but weren't we told how boyz and gurlz learn all different and how important single sex education would be for them to develop in the most optimal way? Because of those girl brains and boy brains? Like this:

Through the ORA inquiry, the ACLU learned that students in East Lawrence Middle School were being assigned to single-sex courses. The school district's ORA response stated that teachers were encouraged to teach boys and girls differently. For example, according to the school district's response, "a writing prompt for a boy may be what place in the world he would most like to go hunting or drive on a race track where the girls may write about their dream wedding dress or their ideal birthday party."

Hilarious. Or it would be if the aim wasn't so nasty. Note the intended focus: the girls towards the family and other people, the boys towards expressions of independence and excitement.