Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Quality Of The Opposition by Anthony McCarthy

Note: I’ve never been in a position to post an actual leak before, but I’ve been able to confirm that this was an e-mail sent to members of the Maine State Legislature in opposition to the gay marriage bill. I have removed the name of the sender, other than that, it is exactly as it came in the e-mail. I’m not making this up. A.M.

When I Was A Child

I believe most men in this State, would have to agree, young boys are vile little creatures. When I was a child I did certain things I would not do today. They were shall we say childhood indiscretions of a sexual nature. These indiscretions took place from my earliest memory, which I grew out of by my mid teens, and if not for that present culture I may have grown out of them even sooner. I remember being curious of both sexes particularly girls. I remember us boys measuring ourselves against each other. Also friendly sword fights were known to break out amongst us, and I will leave that up to you to figure out. There were many other things to numerous to mention, and gory details will serve no purpose, but I grew out of these things quite naturally, and to my knowledge so did all the other boys and girls whom I am linked to by childhood indiscretion. Apostle Paul said, when he was a child he ".understood as a child, but when I became a man, I put away childish things." 1 Corinthians 13:11

If Senator Damon's bill (LD 1020) passes it will make it nearly impossible, particularly for boys, to reach normal sexual maturation. Why? Answer, because they will have in essence, adult homosexuals standing over them sayings to every young boy "O! you thought this, you said that, you did this, op! you see you're a homosexual." No! No! No! They are not homosexuals they are normal boys. With this type of peer pressure we will not see males reaching emotional or physiological sexual maturity until some of them reach forty years old, or even older.

Molestation defined: to interfere with. I call Damon's bill Child Molestation, because it will interfere with their normal development by creating an environment where children will be made to feel guilt when comparing their actions to those of adults, and no child should have to feel guilt for what adults do, but more than that, this bill will retard children's normal development just so homosexuals can increase there numbers. Therefore, Damon's bill goes way beyond even child abuse; this is cruelty to children, with slavish overtones.

No legislator, if they were to be honest, can deny that most childhood sexual indiscretions would naturally disappear and others could be reformed through proper parental or religious instruction, unless this process is interrupted by some form of coercion-LD 1020 is that coercion. The biggest stumbling block being presented to children through this bill is, was I born this way, and the answer is yes, but adult homosexuals do not want them to grow out of it. This bill will hinder and may ultimately eliminate both natural and instructional growth. I would not want to be a child today and have to sift through the issues of sexuality fostered by adult homosexuals. This is Child Molestation and it will ruin the next generation of young people. There is no way Child Molestation will ever become permanent Maine Law.