Tuesday, December 02, 2008

What A Close Miss!

Just imagine if president-elect Obama had not appointed Hillary Clinton to his cabinet! What on earth would people in the press have used for their daily chewing gum? Luckily she was appointed so now we can have another four years of articles like this one:

Isn't it time for Hillary Clinton to get a quickie divorce from Bill (it can be done; it took about 20 minutes for Madonna to dissolve her marriage) before her confirmation hearings start?

And of course Maureen Dowd's what-to-write book just got filled, too. And our old friend, Christopher Hitchens, is invited on television to carefully define his obsessive-compulsive Clinton-illness:

It might seem to us who don't suffer from that particular OCD that the solution is just not to write articles or make statements about how horrible the Clintons are, except on those days when they actually do something horrible.