Sunday, October 19, 2008

Norman McLaren

Several weeks ago Phila posted a link to a You Tube of one of Norman McLaren’s experimental films. Here’s another

Synchromy Synchromie 1971

and a film, I believe, made by a video artist admirer

Because of Norman McLaren.

McLaren was a master of directly drawing on film stock, making both the image and sounds that way. I think almost all his work was funded by the National Film Board of Canada, proof that in some countries the government funding of the arts produces great and innovative art.

There is a lot of his work posted on You Tube, though I haven’t found the one that starts with him dropping a ball to have it multiply in amazing ways. I wonder if that could have inspired the vault scene in the last Harry Potter book. McLaren’s inspiration and technique seem to have multiplied readily too. You can watch one after another and be amazed at their diversity.

posted by Anthony McCarthy