Monday, September 01, 2008

Soap Bubbles

So I'm back from vacation. I think I am, or is this some alternate reality where Sara Palin is the Republican Vice Presidential candidate? Perhaps an alternate daytime soap opera reality where a presidential election is taking shape the way it would in one of those soaps?

It's a little bit dislocating, coming back to the current talking points, and I better keep my mouf shut on those for a few moments longer lest I say something very mean (though very funny) that I might regret later on.

Instead, I wish to extend my most fervent thanks to my guest hosts who have kept the blog going so admirably during my snooze break. Suzie, Skylanda, Phila, Hecate and Anthony McCarthy: I raise a toast of nectar to all of you. And thank you, Skylanda, for the great series on things medico-social and medico-economic.

It's also good manners to wish all of you readers a happy and labor-free Labor Day.