Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Girls Can't Right Write

And if they do they talk about boring stuff like their babies or their love interests or what they had for breakfast. That's the reason why girls are not famous bloggers like some conservative guy* called Robert Stacy McCain. And despite that girly middle moniker, he's a real good blogger because he's a guy and never writes about himself, nosir.

Besides, he covers interesting topics such as why-misogyny-is-good and how us girls can bring him some coffee and date him but only if we develop half a brain (half a brain is 'nuff, it seems, probably because conservatives are used to that much only). Though first we have to do a multiple regression analysis on the number of inches a real guy has to have. Not quite sure why, but statistics and stuff appears to impress this bon vivant and famous writer.

The comments to the bon vivant's blog post help a lot, too, in getting a girl blogger set up properly. We learn that we should be about 21 years old and have a good rack and show pictures of that. See how high we can aim in Wingnuttia! Or we could pretend to be guys and that way we'd be taken seriously. Here I come: Bruce Brutal, the famous he-man blogger.

If I combine all the good advice I'm gonna blog as Mr. Tess Tickle, on a blog which offers frequency distributions of various sexual malfunctions and oddities. And pictures of tits. This blog would probably have to be called Up Yours.
*Click the first link in Atrios' post.