Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Today's Fluff Post

I looked at the notes I have scribbled on my inspiration sheet to see what I might want to write about. The list starts: quantities (damn quantities), buy essential gluten, information vs. French Fries. It took me quite a while to figure that the gluten wasn't part of the inspiration list but something I need to buy to make wholewheat bread.

Wholewheat bread turns into bricks without it (unless one adds white flour which has more gluten), and I have made some very interesting bricks in the past. If you have a fantastic recipe for bread, by the way, post it in the comments. I yearn for the smell of freshly-baked bread right now, bread to be torn apart with hands and eaten just as it is.

The final note in my list of topics is "cock holster". This was a term I read somewhere. Guess what a cock holster might be. Supposedly it is a woman's mouth. And they say misogyny only lives in the minds of hairy feminazis. Not sure why that was included in the inspiration list, unless I thought there might be a way to turn its inventor into essential gluten.