Sunday, March 30, 2008

Query by Anthony McCarthy

Are you getting tired of hearing those TV Boss commercials, too? Some nights, if I don’t get to the Mute button in time to avoid them, I feel like shanking someone or hitting them in the head with a shovel. And I've certainly never felt the urge to shank someone before. Surely that can’t be their purpose.

You ever wonder if those smug, self-satisfied parents who “aren’t asking" the TV criminals "to change their ways” ever think that the kid down the street whose parents let them watch whatever they want might decide to shank someone in the neighborhood because they think Marcello’s gang is cool? Do they care about that kid’s mental health or just their own children?

You ever wonder who funds these ..... uh, Yeah, yeah..... “ public service messages”? Here they’re on the 6:30 news every night, among the geezer sex drugs and the other prescription medications, the ones that haven’t been recalled yet. It must cost a lot to put them on. You want to see who is paying for this public service?