Sunday, January 20, 2008

Answer to those objecting to the word "Darwinism" Posted by olvlzl..

It's one thing I didn't think would have to be defended, the use of the word "Darwinism". Is it too much to expect that the cult of Darwin will at least know who Thomas Huxley was?

Huxley's fourth review of Darwin's book, The Origin of Species appeared in the April 1860 issue of the Westminster Review. Coining the word "Darwinism" as it is still used today in this review (it had been used before with regard to the work of Erasmus Darwin),

For those who have never heard of the guy.

Huxley remarked to student Henry Fairfield Osborn, twentieth-century American paleontologist and director of the American Museum of Natural History, back in the mid-seventies:about Charles Darwin, "You know I have to take care of him–in fact, I have always been Darwin's bull dog." Though he much pleased Darwin by striking out at the enemies of evolution, he also much displeased him by failing to be a 100% defender of the hypothesis of natural selection. Huxley was a defender of the idea that evolution had occurred, but not of natural selection as its explanation.