Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What the Three Wise Men Say

In this pre-Christmas season the "three wise men" among the conservative political talk-show hosts are all retracting their testicles in fear of the vagina dentata. First, Glenn Beck makes fun of Hillary Clinton by miming her shaving while looking into the mirror:

Next, Chris Matthews (a.k.a. Tweety) argues that Hillary gets power from all those girls who will vote for anything as long as it has a toothed pussy.

Then Rush Limbaugh meditates about the ephemeral aspects of female beauty, points out how ugly prezdenting made George Bush (well, I added that specific example), and then demands to know if American people really want to watch Hillary Clinton age right in front of their eyes. As Digby points out, it would seem safer to ban older women from going out so that no sensitive man's eyes might unexpectedly come upon someone with wattles AND a vagina. Which reminds me of how Rush Limbaugh looks these days:

So it goes, I guess. Women should be eye-candy and not heard. And women should stay in the kitchen and in the bedroom.