Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Smiling Face On The Surface Of The Cesspool Posted by olvlzl

Will Huckabee still get away with his cloying and rapidly congealing niceness act now that he’s hired the professional thug, Ed Rollins? He might since he’s paid no price for the news that he’s getting advice from the, perhaps, marginally less repugnant Dick Morris. Funny company that preacher man keeps. Maybe it's because his free ride seems to be ending as his rivals look at his public record and nest feathering for ammunition. If that's it, boy is it going to get dirty.

The Republican field for the presidential nomination are notable for not having a decent man among them. Even Bush II era Republican voters, who are a mighty hard-hearted bunch themselves, seem to have noticed, which could account for the fluidity of the poll results. Huckabee’s late rise to the top is due to his ability to pass as being less repellent than Romney or Giuliani. His syrupy style is what passes as nice these days. Is it “heartland nice”? Will it play in New Hampshire? He’s not really their style but they might vote for Huckabee if he comes out of Iowa looking stronger than the other frauds, but with a cynical smirk.

f Obama wins the nomination it will be interesting to know if Rollins’ past use of suppression of the African-American vote becomes an issue. We should definitly make it one. Attempted voter suppression should be a felony in a democracy, one that carries a serious prison term and a harshly punitive fine. Especially when it is a continuation of suppressing the vote on the basis of ethnicity.

Democrats should stop attacking each other and begin going after the Republicans. Whoever wins the nomination will be up against a bunch of sociopaths who have everything to gain by being ever less principled. The most useful thing they can show Democratic voters is how effective they will be at going after the Republicans. You would think running against total corruption would be easier than this. I hope that Hillary Clinton learned something from her experience with Dick Morris. Whoever it was who advised the Clintons to take his advice should have no part in any other Democratic campaign.