Thursday, March 08, 2007

A Reminder

I advertised my three-part series on the gender gap in wages today on the TAPPED blog, and should do the same here. It is better than the Wikipedia page on the same, because the latter is being changed by wingnuts all the time to make the explanation biased. Mine is pure as fresh-fallen snow. Well, in comparison, anyway and assuming that the wingnuts just went and changed the Wikipedia page again. Though the original work was quite good. I'm not gonna check if it has been changed again as I don't want to get angry.

Talking about angry and about bias, the beautifully insane site Conservapedia, is launching a course on economics, given by a noneconomist religious conservative. I've read the first lesson and have no hair left after the pulling and head-banging it caused. To understand the meaning of that lesson: If it had been a lesson in how to cook a hamburger, the result in your frying pan would have looked up at you with one blood-red eyeball and would then have gobbled you up in one second flat. Sigh.