Monday, February 26, 2007

Idle Feminist (?) Thoughts

Not even quite thoughts but the first inklings of thoughts. Embryos of thoughts? Probably not worth writing down. But I will write them down, as usual.

You know all the smear-stuff about Barack Obama? About his background and his second name being Hussein and about his father who was born in Africa and about whether he actually attended a madrassa or not in Indonesia? Do you think that all this is just because it helps the conservatives to paint Obama in ways which make him look as scary prospect for presidency to certain types of people?

Could be. But I wonder why we never hear about his mother, except that she is white. What influence did she have on her son? How did she affect what he became? It's both what Obama himself says and what others say about him that largely excludes her. An almost Biblical way of looking at which man begat which man and nary a woman in sight.