Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Virgil Be Goode

You have probably read about the fear and horror of the forthcoming Muslim invasion Mr. Goode, a Representative from Virginia, has expressed in the context of the possibility that Keith Ellison, a newly elected Representative, might use the Koran at an informal event connected to his swearing-in ceremonies. Mr. Goode is horrified by this idea, because to him all Muslims are like the terrorists and bent on world domination.

Today Mr. Goode clarified his arguments for our benefit in an OpEd column. This I found especially enjoyable:

Let us remember that we were not attacked by a nation on 9/11; we were attacked by extremists who acted in the name of the Islamic religion. I believe that if we do not stop illegal immigration totally, reduce legal immigration and end diversity visas, we are leaving ourselves vulnerable to infiltration by those who want to mold the United States into the image of their religion, rather than working within the Judeo-Christian principles that have made us a beacon for freedom-loving persons around the world.

I suspect Virgil doesn't see the great joke in that statement.