Friday, January 26, 2007

Some Righteous Anger

Glenn Beck, the newest acquisition of ABC's "Good Morning America" is a great guy, a guy to have a few beers with. If you are a white male (Mormon), that is. He has some problems with people who are black or Muslim or female. But he would be great to have beers with, great.

Assuming he drunk. Which he doesn't, because he is a recovering alcoholic, a recovering pot-user and a sufferer of the attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. And he found God through the Mormon religion. So perhaps we should forgive him for his bigotry, racism and misogyny. Yeah, that's the ticket. That's why all these major networks hire him.

Or because he appeals to all the closeted bigots, racists and misogynists out there and because he says really outrageous things. Bwahahah! Outrageous statements are good for viewership figures and viewership figures are good for advertising. Advertising is good for revenues.

How do I know all this about our Glenn? Read this article and find out. Then go to Media Matters for America and search for Glenn Beck. You will then most likely want to have many beers with him. Or without him, depending how much you veer from the white male (Mormon) norm.

Do you know what angers me? We are all supposed to think that being reasonable and presenting evidence and discussing and debating are signs of the liberal media bias. To counteract that bias we need to introduce people whose political shows are the equivalent of those reality shows where people swallow live rats. If they swallow live rats in those shows. Perhaps they don't, in which case the political media is even worse than the reality shows.

Well, I've had it with that crap. Give me a rat and my own show and I'll get some media balance into this country.