Monday, December 25, 2006

Five Pieces

Of personal trivia most people don't know about me. I got tagged by postcards from guyville. Some of you know that I freeze with these kinds of topics and usually absolutely totally refuse to contribute to the game, but today is Christmas Day and we are supposed to be merry and relaxed, so here I go. All these are true, by the way, but a variation of the game allows you to have one false one in the group of five and then others can try to guess which one it is. You could play that one in the comments with your own five personal secrets.

Things about me that not many people know (and even fewer want to know):

1. Echidne of the snakes doesn't really exist, you know. Or at least doesn't have a physical form. She may have just taken over an empty husk to have access to fingers and a keyboard. Then again, perhaps she is quite real and right now gently tickling your left earlobe.

2. I have one asymmetrical toe, longer than it should be. They always refuse to have that put into my passport as the identifying feature. According to evolutionary psychologists, this longer toe should make me completely unfuckable, because only symmetrical people are alluring.

3. I find temples fascinating. The temples on people's heads, that is. They are beautiful and make me melt with compassion and wonder. And have you noticed that there is an upside-down Donald Duck's head inside your ear? Miraculous!

4. I am right-footed. You can test your footedness by asking someone to suddenly push you from behind. If you prop yourself up by stepping forward with your left foot, then you are a foot southpaw. Even my dogs favor either the right or the left paw.

5. Once I overslept a cheap prepaid flight even though I had two alarm clocks rigged to alarm, one after the other. I had to take out a loan to buy a new ticket for the flight which was sorta important to be on. This matters, because if I had not taken out that loan I probably wouldn't be here.

I know the real game, of course. It is to judge the answers to see what one leaves out and puts in. But I'm playing on that level, too, nananah. (Sticks out viper tongue.)